Earn money from Google blogger: Can I do it?


Can I earn money from Google blogger? Most people prefer to work on the Internet instead of traditional work, so they go to the search engines and search for the best and easiest way to earn and earn money from the Internet. Here you will not find a better way to make money from a Google blogger; I mean through blogging, and this is why most people ask can I earn money from Google blogger?

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Earn money from Google blogger

earn money from Google blogger

A beginner in blogging is the first question he asks: Can I earn money from Google blogger?

Here we will answer yes even if you are a beginner and do not have any experience or information in the field.

All you have to know is how to create a blog, display articles, place pages, and so on regarding the design.

And for your blog to be excellent on Google Blogger, make sure to choose a quick template.

And the best ways to make money from a Google blogger are three ways.

The first method

earn money from Google blogger

The first method is to display Google Adsense ads on your blog.

And get a commission for every 1000 impressions and every click on the advertisement.

The second method is commission marketing, whether for products, services, or applications.

For each sale, a specific commission is charged according to the price of the product or service you sold.

How to get visitors to the blog and make money from it

To bring visitors for free, two methods can be used together.

The first method is SEO, which means preparing the site for Google search engines.

And this is by writing articles that are compatible with the terms of SEO

The articles should also be exclusive and not copied from another site.

We will leave the SEO criteria to you at the following address.

The second method

The second method of earn money from Google blogger is through social networking sites and Facebook groups.

Here you will search for groups that talk about the same field and publish the article.

You will get visitors to your site for free without paying money.

Writing an article that complies with the criteria of SEO

  • The first criterion is the availability of internal and external links in the article.
  • Mention the keywords or target words in the first paragraph, or say the introduction.
  • Repeat the keywords in the article more than five times.
  • Write a description of 160 words for the article with keywords
  • Diversify the keywords in the article and use three or more keywords.
  • Use headers such as H1 .H2 . and H3 and mention the keywords.
  • Write the alt text in each picture in the article.
  • Write more than 500 words in the article.

And in the end, we answered the common question: Can I earn money from Google blogger? Also, the best and easiest ways to earn money from the blog, and how to get visitors to the blog, the Google blogger, and all the links to the sites mentioned you would find at the bottom of the article.


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